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    I still can’t upgrade properly from 2.01 to 2.02 and I don’t know what’s wrong, so I’m considering to delete all WP files and just re-install WP, this time 2.02. My apologies upfront for any stupid q’s.

    When I install WP:

    -will WP overwrite the existing WP database (with all my entries) or will it find and use the existing WP tables?
    -can I upload the old wp-content folder?

    Thanx for any input!

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  • WP won’t overwrite your database.
    As for using the old wp-contents folder – it shouldn’t be a problem if you delete the contents of the cache folder.

    BTW, what’s wrong with your site?

    The site works (at least I hope it works for everyone!). Did you see anything wrong with it?

    I have to upgrade to the latest version for the security issues.

    When I started with WP, I installed wordpress in a subfolder called /weblog, and not in the root. I then moved the site to the root. What I did not succeed in though was correctly placing the wordpress files in the root directory. The files are now both in the root and the /weblog and the admin, includes and content folder are still in the /weblog. The site works miracliously, but the installation was not as it should be. Now the upgrade won’t work.

    I did read the instructions for moving to the root, but I don’t really grasp it I guess.

    Anyway: starting over sounds quite interesting now!

    Your site looked good to me.
    If you’ve put everything in your root, you should get rid of the others and go through it again cleanly.

    I’m gonna try to reinstall now. If I fail I’ll upload the backup again. Thanx for your input 🙂

    EDITED* Ok.. good luck. =)


    Good luck I’ll need! :-O

    In the worst case I’ll have to repost a lot of stuff. It’ll cost me an evening, that’s it.

    Good luck I’ll need! :-O

    In the worst case I’ll have to repost a lot of stuff. It’ll cost me an evening, that’s it.

    Yeah sigh, that’s the damndable thing about it all…having to repost stuff again. =( I know how that is, I had to manually repost, 240 some posts from Plog (blogging software) into my WordPress already.. of course…after that was all done, someone came out with an importer script for it.. [rolls eyes..]


    Yup… seems I’ll have to repost. When I upload my back up database the site is there, but the dashboard is gone.

    80% has been reposted. I saved the website, so I could just copy paste the entries. Thanx everyone for the support.

    Lesson 1: WP does indeed not overwrite an existing database.
    Lesson 2: do not upload an existing WP database when the WP you’re replacing was in a subfolder (or in both the root and the subfolder) and the new one is only in the root.

    Those were I think the lessons learned, if I grasp what went wrong.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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