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  • Hi all,

    I’ve recently set up a Buffalo NAS that has lots of nice features like PHP and MySQL. I thought that it would be a good exercise to install WordPress and after a few teething problems had a working installation. The only problem I had was that images were only showing when accessed from my LAN, they were being referenced locally ( I tried experimenting with the Site address and WordPress URL fields and managed to lock myself out completely. I followed the advice on the forum to try to recover my site but no luck. It’s not a big deal because there wasn’t a lot of content so I’ve deleted everything and will be starting from scratch. And so to the reason for my post:

    – When I do my fresh install how should I set up the addressing so that it’s visible on the WAN? I’m using domain forwarding so my blog address is which points to this worked OK but for some reason typed directly into my browser didn’t.

    – Once my site is up and running what’s the best way to back it up seeing as It’s hosted locally and I only have the one copy. My understanding is that the blog consists of 2 parts, the WordPress files and the database entries. I have a basic knowledge of html but PHP and mySQL are a mystery to me. The next time I try to tinker would copying the whole site and restoring it the event that it all goes pear shaped work, or are there going to be database entries overwritten which would mean that this method wont work?

    – Lastly are there any good habits that I should adopt that would make it easier to transfer my site to an external host should I wish to in the future.

    Thanks and regards.

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