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  • Actually just looking into…

    Just an idea, and wondering what it would take to run a blog and allow users to submit articles to my blog he same style you’d submit to digg – with similar interface.

    Also, I need them to be able to vote and most voted articles will be on the front page.

    I assume some simple plugins could do this, I can’t find any relevant enough.

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  • It looks like wordpress it just not the right tool for this. Indeed, wordpress has it’s market share, but what I am trying to do seems a fairly easy modification of an otherwise great platform. A few plugins could just do it.

    You might want to check out Pligg.

    Thanks for the tip! Pligg is great, at least at first sight. I need to research a bit, but this might be it.

    I was hoping, however, on a wordpress based solution, as I am fairly familiar with the way it works and is easy to customize.

    I am very interested in doing the same thing. It looks like has done it. I would really appreciate your findings so far if they went beyond these last few posts.

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