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    I’m a Graphic Designer and I’d like to start a WordPress website for selling graphic goods/resources around the net, using Paypal/Skrill as a paying method.

    I’m a kind off a newbie in all the coding and WordPress stuff, so, basically – I’d like to ask for some start-up tips and information to straight-up and channelise everything I have on my mind.

    I’d be very greatful and I’ll appreciate it a lot. So, Thank you in an advance.

    01. I’ll be probably going to buy some WordPress template and hire some WordPress expert after that in order to edit the existing template by my criteria and finalize it to the website launch itself. So lately I’ve been digging around the net and I found a WordPress marketplace called I’ve digged into it and I found a several sub-categories in the WordPress themes:

    Blog / Magazine

    At the first glance I’ve digged into the eCommerce category yet, – I wasnt very sure if that’s the exact category what I’m looking for it judging by what I’m imagining it… Here are a few websites that have pretty much all the functions what I need and are operating at the way I’d like my website to operate:

    So, the question is: what type (kind) of websites are these and where should i dig?

    02. If I buy one of the Themes offered on which are from 25-60$ are these some quality kind of websites or they’re not worth it and it’ll take a lot of effort of editing it and setting all the things up (roughly said)?

    03. What’s the average price of editing an already boughten Template in order to satisfy the needs/criteria of the client (Pixel Perfect Editing)?

    04. How long does it takes to edit an existing (boughten) template in WordPress (roughly said)?

    05. Judging by your own personal View and Experience in building websites for Clients – Have you ever faced some Graphic Designer client you’ve build a website for..? If so, roughly speaking are these kind of websites profitable or you’re not really sure about it?

    I’d appreciate it a lot if you can spend a min or two and shoot my with some answers.

    Thanks a lot,

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  • Hey Maria

    Before I start these are really just my opinions and only offer guidance as opposed to right/wrong answers.

    1. There are loads more options that theme forrest. They are just one of the more respected theme providers. I however, would recommend looking around. Elegant Themes are cheaper in that you can pay for a years subscription and it gives you access to a large selection of themes.

    Another option, and what I would do, is check Woo Themes and then use the WooCommerce plugin to help turn your site into an ecommerce solution. They are slightly more expensive but they provide themes that are tuned to work well with WooCommerce.

    Just to make you aware, there are free themes available too.

    2. I am never happy with themes ‘out-the-box’ but that doesn’t mean they don’t work. They work fine. I prefer to use a theme as a framework then tweak it to suit

    3. Impossible to say. You would need to get your domain name, hosting, theme and plugins and get them installed with some images and your own text.

    After that, and browsing it yourself for a while, list the things you would like to change then look for quotes for work.

    The time/size of the job will be reflected in the price and you will get what you pay for.

    4. Again, impossible to say. This all depends on what you want.

    If you just want few colours changed, titles made bigger or logo’s moved it is going to be a lot cheaper than populating your website with content and stock or moving sections around the page.

    5. I haven’t dealt with a graphic designer but an ecommerce site is an ecommerce site. You will know what you want and you can use someone with the skill to get your thoughts onto your website and recommend what is and isn’t possible.

    Another thing you should probably think about. You probably want your site to be responsive so your potential customers can view your site properly on laptops, tablets and mobile sized devices.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

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