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  • Mr. Uncredible


    Whether or not this plugin works is irrelevant, the fact that it scraped my site and started sending promotional emails to my admin address as soon as it was installed tells me to stay far far away.

    Even after uninstalling the plugin the emails still come.

    I opted out of everything, I wanted to try your plugin, not get promotional emails for your other plugins.

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    Thank you for this review.

    We are sorry that you received an email (or 2) from us after installing our plugin. It must be a glitch… just a simple bug that we will fox ASAP. Anyway, we always offer a way to unsubscribe, meaning that this is nothing else but additional information about our plugins.

    About the fact that this plugin “scraped” your site, is it possible to know more about it? It would have been great if we had had the chance to look at this closely in order to find a solution for other Wp users.

    One more thing. Despite what you may think, we are not bad people. The reason why we made this plugin is mainly to help people … Nothing else but help.

    This plugin is FREE, right ?

    Wish you the best with your business.


    By scraped I mean that the plugin took my admin email address and signed it up for a marketing email list without my permission.

    Why is my admin email being sent to you without my permission? And why is it then being added to a mailing list?

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    Right ! Sorry for the misundertanding.

    About these emails, as mentioned before, it was just a bug … that is now fixed.

    But we are glad to see that despite this frustration, our plugin was actually working properly, without causing any issue on your website (which is really our main concern here).

    Unfortunately, this little bug, and the reason why we are having this discussion, will probably affect all other WP users, thinking that, based on your review, our plugin is not functional. But that’s probably the price to pay for this.

    Thank you anyway for letting us know about all this.


    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    About these emails, as mentioned before, it was just a bug … that is now fixed.

    How many emails were harvested as a result of that bug and do you plan to delete those emails from the time the bug was introduced to the time the fix was rolled out?

    People do read the reviews and how well you answer my question will help you.

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    I’ll try to explain.

    This bug, which did not require to update our plugin to get fixed, was actually a mistake made by one of our team member when modifying a few settings with Free-mius (monetization platform for Freemium-based WordPress plugins).

    Long-story short, some settings (used with our PRO/PAID version) were duplicated and applied mistakingly to FREE version (available here) through opt-in form displayed when installing Bigta plugin.

    As soon as we got informed that (via this review) emails were sent while users had opted out, as mentioned above, we fixed it.

    According to our logs, this manipulation was made very recently. So while fixing this bug we made sure that all emails were properly deleted (it’s actually automatic).

    Unfortunately, considering the urgency of the situation, we did not pay attention to the number of emails harvested during this period. But considering the actual level of active installs (+100), the number fo downloads per day (less than 10, on average), I would say that very few websites were concerned.

    Everything is properly working now.

    We hope that this explanation provides sufficient information.

    Have a great day.


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