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  • What could prevent a custom menu walker from running the start_lvl method at all? What’s funny is that start_el works fine it’s the start_lvl that does absolutely nothing, not even a die() or exit().

    Also, I’ve tried wp_nav_menu with some arguments to control the wrapper (without the walker) to no avail:

    $menu_args = array(
    	  'menu' => '',
    	  'container' => "ul",
    	  'container_class' => 'main-nav-list container_class nav-collapse',
    	  'menu_class'  => 'main-nav-list menu_class nav-collapse',
    	  'fallback_cb' => false,
              'items_wrap'  => '<ul id="%1$s" class="main-nav-list items_wrap nav-collapse">%3$s</ul>',
    	  'theme_location' => 'primary'

    It’s like something else is controlling the container / wrapper of the


      What am I missing here? I’m going mad over this.

      Cheers for your help!

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