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  • It seems that the problem would be with WordPress and not the particular theme? Perhaps there is a repair tool in WordPress that I could run to fix the script? or a preference that I corrupted and can throw away?




    what script are you talking about? your posts above arent at all making sense.

    Do you mean “while you were writing a post”?

    Your site looks all hosed because you have that huge image in that post and all sorts of formatting issues within it.

    1. Take a look at your front page.

    2. Take a look at this page:

    3. Take a look at this page:

    You need to _take care of_ your most recent post. Its not a theme problem.

    (resolved) Thank you so much for your response. I had not considered this. I am new to wordpress and appreciate your patience and taking the time to look.




    your welcome 🙂 for future reference, the easiest way to check to see if a particular post has hosed things up is to compare it singularly to another post like I did above. Its extremely useful when your sidebar exists on all pages. 🙂

    Dont forget to mark this thread resolved 🙂

    I think I am still doing something wrong…

    I thought I fixed it by removing the last post with the too large image; reflowing the page correctly.

    For instance here is my blog; with a smaller image; the page flows incorrectly with my right hand columns shoved under my left

    Here is the previous day minus the image; the page flows correctly with three columns

    When I place the image in the posts in Firefox it reflows the page again pushing the columns beneath – no matter how small I make the image it reflows the page.

    And it is doing different things in different browsers
    Firefox does not display the images that I had imported from blogspot
    Safari shows the images
    and Explorer shows boxes with x’s as if they are missing.

    Am I placing the image incorrectly? I am on a Mac. Here are the steps I used for the image on my most current post

    1) browsed to the image: ‘barn 2’; 64 k
    2) enter the name: ‘barn 2’
    3) enter the description: perspective rendering, watercolor
    4) upload
    5) use original
    6) linked to page
    7) send to editor
    8) reduce size of image by pulling in the corner to a medium size
    9) save

    this pushes the right hand columns under the left hand ones

    Also: I had another post earlier that I tried to mark as ‘resolved’ and safari would not allow it. I have javascript turned on. When I click the button to ‘resolve’ it says something to the effect that my browser does not support the enhanced functionability of this site and that I will have a different result then what is intended.




    (scratch what was here, Im still looking)

    Looking at your source, I dont see problems structurally with the syntax that is displaying the linked image..

    Questions and answers:

    Are you using word first, then copying and pasting from word into your write post screen? If so, dont.

    Are you using the wysiwyg editor? If so, try not using it, and see what happens.

    Also, inevitably, you will want to take care of these:

    Those are errors for the permalink page with the image.




    you have <div> issues and while there is nothing with them validation wise, they dont work..

    For instance, best i can tell, if i rip out your actual content, and just look at structure, im seeing:

    <div id="page">
    <div id="content" class="narrowcolumn">
    <div class="navigation">
    <div class="alignleft">
    <div class="alignright">
    <div class="post">
    <div class="entrytext">
    <div align="left"></div>
    <div align="left"></div>
    <div align="left"></div>
    <div align="center"></div>
    <div align="center" /><div>
    <div align="center"></div>

    (I might have misplaced ONE <div> above since i moved it to see if it was the problem.
    ..and thats JUST to where your comments are starting or just started (dunno for sure, since I ripped them out too)

    at any rate, removing all of your comments, and all your post content didnt even fix it. its the way your structuring that extra info, your adding divs where they dont belong, maybe not closing them properly, and wp is fixing them, (sorta) or something related to that. You even have opening and closing divs with no content inside of them.

    I *think* I see what you are saying. I was going through the posts which I had imported from blogspot and was trying to clean up the layout of each post. I was using a hard return to create white space. And these <div> are reflowing the page? I should use <br> instead?

    Though I still don’t understand; my top post wraps the page wierd

    I cleaned up the next post in much the same way and doesn’t seem to be reflowing the page?

    Foxfire does not show the image in the second post; p=259
    Safari does show the image in the second post – does not push the text beneath it, does not reflow the page
    Explorer does not show the second image, keeps the flow of the text correct in the post and does reflow the page

    I appreciate your feedback – I was ready to toss the whole thing away but can now see that it is a matter for coding?

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