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    As the title mentions when I append ?start= to the end of a YouTube link I need to use a regular https so the video begins at the desired time.

    Anytime I use a lyte shortcode, widget or httpv link the video starts at 0 sec. despite appending a ?start= at the end of the link. I also tried the ?t= that YouTube appends to its shortened links: to no avail.

    Thanks for your time and thanks for your great work with YouTube lyte and your other plugins @optimizingmatters

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    weird, I did a quick test with at and it still works for me?

    After some initial testing I’ve started to isolate the issue to a conflict with a mix of Async JS and Autoptimize. As soon as I deactivated it I could use a shortcode with a lyte id, hit update in Elementor and the video started at 28s as requested.

    Async seems to be causing other very random and hard to debug problems with plugins like Essential Addons for Elementor Lite and other similar plugins. Many CSS animations and effects don’t work correctly whenever Async is on but very strangely it happens on first load and most times on reload the problem fixes itself. I’ve excluded WP Super Cache so maybe it could be Async, AO or some bad interaction with another plugin, I’m testing different plugin exclusions in Async to see if I can correct it.

    Also I will search for guides to learn to better debug these kind of problems. They are very time consuming and randomly appear each time I do a major plugin update in my WP. 🙁

    Thanks for your assistance Frank.

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    well, troubleshooting JS issue begins with looking at the browser console, any JS errors there when playing a LYTE vid with start-time with AsyncJS active added in Elementor?

    Sorry for the late reply @optimizingmatters

    After some testing I’ve been able to solve some things. Although the console didn’t offer information I could use to debug what was happening I’ve been able to make some conclusion through trial and error.

      [*]Async plugin must have Elementor excluded for the lyte widgets to work. In my installation if I add a shortcode or lyte widgets or use httpv with ?start, the custom start doesn’t work. It may happen in the editor when I insert the widget.
      [*]Also not excluding Elementor in Async makes several widgets from Essential Addons for Elementor (EAE) not work. I tried excluding only this plugin and not Elementor to no avail.
      [*]Autoptimize plugin must have Aggregate JS-Files deactivated so many Elementor and EAE widgets to work.

    That’s all I could find from my limited knowledge. Wish I could give you some browser console JS errors to better solve it. Hope this can help users of your plugins having similar problems.

    Plugin Author Optimizing Matters


    thanks for the extensive feedback danescobar ! 🙂

    A couple of details I forgot to add yesterday (late and tired after testing):

    Not excluding Elementor in Async makes that only new lyte videos won’t have the custom start added upon creation. If you edit the custom start in an existing lyte video the new start time will work. That’s what made me think it could be an error in the Elementor editor and not the front end.

    Apart from the lyte issue mentioned Autoptimize must have “Aggregate JS-Files” deactivated to avoid EAE errors, no way around this. Wanted it activated so I tried enabling “Add try-catch wrapping”, disabling “Minify excluded CSS and JS files?” and lastly excluding Elementor and EAE from JS section but neither of these options worked except disabling “Aggregate JS-Files”. I don’t know if disabling it produces a big impact on speed so if you manage to find a way to activate it I’d be appreciated.

    Thanks for your attention and support.

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