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  • I just tried disabling the lightbox and the stars show up just fine. Please try disabling other plugins to check for a conflict. It seems highly unlikely that the lightbox option would interact with star rating display in any way. Storefront itself certainly doesn’t check that option so there’s no reason for this to occur.

    Please share a URL and I might be able to diagnose further.


    Thank you for taking the time to look into it. I appreciate the help.

    Here is what I’ve just done :
    1- create a staging site with WP staging
    2- first deactivate caching & security plugins
    3- switch to Storefront parent theme
    4- uncheck lightbox
    5- verify if stars went back on a selected product page (3 page refresh just ot be sure!)
    6- deactivate a new plugin
    7- goto 5 until all plugin are OFF

    At the end, only active plugins are Woocommerce and WP Staging.
    But still no stars. 🙁 And stars are back when I check lightbox again.
    I rule out WP staging because when I found out about this few weeks ago, it was not installed.

    On production site, I have unckecked lightbox on a troublesome page so you can check what’s going on. All my plugins are ON though. I can still afford to do that because not much traffic sofar.


    I have done some additional tests.

    I’ve just installed a brand new web site, new domain name, fresh database:
    -WP 4.6.1.
    -Plugin : woocommerce 2.6.4.
    -Theme : storefront 2.1.3.
    -One test product.

    I confirm there is an issue/bug with star display and storefront: when lightbox checkbox is off on woocommerce options, on single product page stars are displayed as gargabe/boxes on Firefox and Chrome. Tested with Deli storefront child: same issue. With Twenty Fourteen theme, stars are displayed ok.

    Hope you’ll able to sort this out.

    Ah ha! I see the issue. Because the lightbox css isn’t being loaded that means the WooCommerce icon font is _also_ not being loaded.

    I have the font installed on my system so it was loading just fine for me.

    I’ll fix this for the next release.

    Brilliant! Thank you for your awesome work man.

    No problem, the release containing this fix should arrive early next week 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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