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  • Hello – with all plugins disabled except yours and WooCommerce core, and with 2016 theme running, the review form stars are invisible. I can share admin details – I can’t just leave everything turned off so that we can continue building, but let me know and I can do whatever you wish to try for troubleshooting.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi @billium99,
    First of all please change the background colour of form, so text will be visible.
    And can you try to change the icon from the settings.

    AHHH!!! I changed it to black before I contacted you so you could see there are no stars! It has nothing to do with the background color or selecting the icon. That didn’t work either. The entire area where to click is blank – invisible. It doesn’t matter what color or what icon I select. I’ll change it again so you can see.

    Hi @billium99,
    Please activate the reviews plugin so we can see and find the issue.

    I’m so confused – it’s activated. It’s running. Click the Read Reviews and Write a Review links right at the top of the product page.

    Hi @billium99,
    Yesterday I visit the your link, at that time it is showing me shortcode, instead of form. It only happened when plugin is not active. anyway now it is sowing the the form so I can find the issue, I will let you know after finding the issue.

    Please use the given below css.

    .woocommerce.sip-rswc-form p.stars a {
        overflow: initial !important;
    .woocommerce.sip-rswc-form .stars, .woocommerce.sip-rswc-form .stars, .woocommerce.sip-rswc-form .stars, .woocommerce.sip-rswc-form .stars, .woocommerce.sip-rswc-form .stars, .woocommerce.sip-rswc-form .stars a:after, .woocommerce.sip-rswc-form p.stars, .woocommerce.sip-rswc-form p.stars, .woocommerce.sip-rswc-form p.stars, .woocommerce.sip-rswc-form p.stars, .woocommerce.sip-rswc-form p.stars, .woocommerce.sip-rswc-form p.stars, .woocommerce.sip-rswc-form p.stars, .woocommerce.sip-rswc-form p.stars, .woocommerce.sip-rswc-form p.stars, .woocommerce.sip-rswc-form p.stars {
        text-indent: 999em;
        display: inline-block;
        color: #ffdf88;
        content: '\f005';
        font-family: FontAwesome !important;
        width: 1em;

    Now the stars are there. Thank you. So just to be clear, even if I click 3 stars, nothing is supposed to change? It shows 5 full stars even if you click 2 or 3 stars. Is that how it is designed? That is not intuitive and will make people think “hey, I can only have a 5 star review. That’s cheating!”

    Hello – yes I will share Flatsome theme with you, but FYI, your CSS above stopped working at some point in the last few weeks. It’s broken again, just showing ‘f006’ instead of the stars.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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