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  • Plugin Author Ian


    Seems like something is wonky with your computer – have you disabled javascript or anything? I just went and submitted a review on that page and I was able to select 5 stars, as well as submit the review just fine (using Chrome).

    Thanks for the reply. No, javascript is certainly enabled. I’m looking at it again, can only select up to 4 stars…the cursor doesn’t line up with the stars and can’t click 5 stars. And Chrome is still not showing stars – just ||||||

    BTW, I am looking at the code:

    <span id="s1" onclick="starSelection(;"onmouseout="outStar(;"onmouseover="overStar(;">&#9734</span>
    			  <span id="s2" onclick="starSelection(;"onmouseout="outStar(;"onmouseover="overStar(;">&#9734</span>
    			  <span id="s3" onclick="starSelection(;"onmouseout="outStar(;"onmouseover="overStar(;">&#9734</span>
    			  <span id="s4" onclick="starSelection(;"onmouseout="outStar(;"onmouseover="overStar(;">&#9734</span>
    			  <span id="s5" onclick="starSelection(;"onmouseout="outStar(;"onmouseover="overStar(;">&#9734</span>

    Shouldn’t that be ☆ (semi-colon) ?

    I tried adding the semi-colon to see if that would fix it, but same result.

    If it’s just my computer, ok, but if you have any advice on how to troubleshoot it would be appreciated.

    hmmm, interesting. I’m looking at my response and:

    “Shouldn’t that be ☆ (semi-colon) ?”

    I am seeing a SQUARE in place of the ☆ So, at least Chrome IS my computer 🙂

    same problem in Internet Explorer

    Plugin Author Ian


    That’s really strange! Rest assured that I see the stars on your site perfectly fine, so it’s likely that most of your users will as well. Perhaps your computer or browsers are not set to the correct encoding? Try (in Chrome, at least) going to View -> Encoding, and seeing if it’s “UTF-8”.

    Also, the next release of the plugin will allow you to customize and display your own text or images in place of the stars 🙂

    Let’s keep trying to debug what’s going on, and if you figure it out seperate from me please let me know! Not being able to see stars is a big problem for users! 🙂

    I’ve tried degugging…tried all the setting in Chrome, Internet Explorer, and computer. Everything seems to be set up properly for utf8. I even tried adding utf8 to the top of your stylesheet, with no luck. Only Firefox will display the stars still.

    While my issue may be rare, I’m sure worldwide others may have the same issue. Using images will certainly help resolve that.


    On displaying the reviews on Chrome, I also am not showing the stars…but it displays properly on firefox.

    I knew I wasn’t goin’ to be the only one 🙂

    Plugin Author Ian


    I think I know what’s causing this now… It seems to be a rare, but known, issue. Tell me, can either of you see any or all of the characters from this page:
    Especially the white and black stars (the 16 & 17th symbols from the top)

    I can see them

    Black Star, good
    The 2nd looks like a tiny magnifying glass (little circle with line pointing diagonally up to the right

    Both square boxes.

    Plugin Author Ian


    Argh! That’s what I was afraid of… looks like it’s something that COULD be fixed by you or your users messing around with chrome’s settings, but obviously that’s ridiculous to expect… I think the only real way to guarantee it works everywhere is to use images. I’ll include this option in version 1.4.

    Interestingly enough, it works fine in Chrome on my other laptop…just not this one. The settings on both are the same.

    I’ve determined this is an issue with this computer, perhaps some language pack or font isn’t installed or corrupted, or a setting that I can’t seem to figure out is off. I don’t know. It is an old computer.

    Nevertheless, we can see others have a similiar issue so I guess the images are the best way to go


    Sorry to bump an old thread, but I figured I’d post here since I’m having a related problem. I recently installed Rich Reviews on my beta site. The stars are showing up vertically instead of horizontally. My [RICH_REVIEWS_FORM] shortcode is within a [span6] … [/span6] 1180px Shortcode set. When I move the form outside this grid, I get the same problem.

    Here’s the page where the problem occurs: This is a beta site, so if you’re coming by this later, the problem may have been fixed.

    The stars show up properly and horizontally here: Same laptop, same browser.

    Why would this be? Any way to fix it?

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