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    Hello, I change from summerfruit to This amazing Theme Stardust.

    Sadly on IE the layout went just crazy.

    In Firefox the Blog looks just fine.

    Can somebody please tell me what should I need to change in order to fix this problem?.

    My blog is

    Thank you

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  • Hi

    make a backup of your database before doing what I suggest…

    The second widget (the bluebird) is the first object that displays in the wrong place, so it is suspect. You can shortcut the debugging process by disabling it and seeing if the layout improves.

    If not, disable all your widgets and see if the site holds together in IE. If it does, turn the widgets back on, one by one, until you find the one that breaks the IE layout.

    There are some mismatched page elements showing when doing a page validation on your homepage
    Most of what is there would not cause layout problems, but some of the ones towards the end of the list could. They seem to be caused by widgets.

    Mine looks ok on IE. Very plain vanilla implementation.

    stvwlf Thank you for the answer. I will check it

    Hi Nehemoth, thanks for choosing Stardust WP theme!

    Stardust is tested on every major browser and it works fine on IE6: on your blog there are some HTML errors on the sidebar that break up the layout.

    I’ve noticed a lot of


    lists without


    Try to check your code, or reinstall the original theme withouth customization 🙂 You can also try to overwrite sidebar.php with the original file.

    Tom thank you for the answer.

    As I didn’t modified anything on the theme (except for the header image), I guess that the problem should be 2 widgets

    <li style="width:100%;" class="nobullet">
    	<a href="" title="RSS">
    	<img src="" width="120" height="120"


    <li style="width:100%;" class="nobullet">
    	<a href="" title="Twitter">
    	<img src="" width="120" height="120"


    Now let me check how this code should be

    Oh my Gosh, just added

      in the code and just went all fine.

      Wau, so a huge problem for that missing part of the code.

      Well I guess I learned something new today.

      Thank you

    Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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