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Star rating not showing

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  • Plugin Author kevinhaig


    It could be a jQuery conflict/problem.

    Can you post your web address so I can take a look.

    Sure the page is


    Plugin Author kevinhaig


    You have an error with your Pretty Photo jQuery script.

    If it is a plugin, try de-activating it (DO NOT DELETE) and then see if the stars load properly.

    I’ve done that but it still looks the same…

    Plugin Author kevinhaig


    Sorry still likely a jQuery problem.

    I am now seeing an error with the wp-auto-affiliate-links plugin.

    Usually when jQuery errors occur, scripts that would load after the error do not load.

    De-activate both plugins then, take another look.

    I’ve done that but still the same…

    Plugin Author kevinhaig


    I am still getting the following error:

    Timestamp: 3/24/2014 9:22:21 AM
    Error: TypeError: jQuery(…).live is not a function
    Source File: http://www.kayfranklin.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-auto-affiliate-links/js/js.js?ver=3.8.1
    Line: 16

    It may be because you are using a cache plugin and the page has not refreshed?

    I just deactivated all my plugins but it still looks the same. Tried in a differe4nt browser too but the same.

    Plugin Author kevinhaig


    Hmmmm, now I’m seeing a superfish jquery error. Let me take a closer look.

    Plugin Author kevinhaig


    I took a look at your source and I noticed a number of external scripts running. I am certainly not an expert at this but if it’s not the theme and it’s not the plugins, then perhaps an external reference?

    If you want send me an e-mail through my contact page at kevinsspace.ca and I can reply with a picture showing the error.

    OK thanks

    I’m having the same issue as above. It was working and it stopped.

    I’m on an older version (4.0.5) as I have done alot of customizing.

    Can you please look into the source of my errors? I really need to have this working again as soon as possible.



    Plugin Author kevinhaig


    Looks like a problem with your easy fancybox plugin. It is throwing a jQuery error :
    Timestamp: 7/10/2014 12:06:19 PM
    Error: TypeError: jQuery(…).on is not a function
    Source File: http://alarishealth.com/testimonials/
    Line: 541

    Line 541 in the source points to :

    jQuery(document).on(‘ready post-load’, easy_fancybox_handler );

    Try de-activating it, and see if Testimonial Basics starts working.

    Thanks for the reply!

    Nope. Still doesn’t work.

    I think it started happening when the zero config DataTables jQuery extension was installed (I could be wrong though). It was either then or when a jQuery slide out was installed.

    Could that be the issue?


    If I update to 4.0.8 does it utilize a new star rating system? Would that fix it?

    If not, any other steps that you would recommend?

    Plugin Author kevinhaig


    WordPress suggests the following procedure for trouble shooting.

    1) De-activate all plugins except Testimonial-basics. DO NOT DELETE THEM….just de-activate them.
    2) Check to see if Testimonial Basics is now working properly.
    3) If it is working properly, then reactivate the plugins one at a time, checking the testimonial display each time until you find the problem plugin.
    4) Once you find the plugin that is causing the problem, you can look for a replacement.
    5) Let me now if you found a plugin and which one it is so I may take a look at it.

    I am still seeing the same jQuery error.
    Testimonial Basics 4.0.8 offers a css option for the rating system so yes it would work. However jquery is still used for the slider and the excerpts.

    Also many other plugins and the theme itself likely uses jQuery scripts. Better to find the problem and fix it, as your site may have other problems related to the jQuery error.

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