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  • Hi,

    I have try with Google Rich Snippets test tool some articles with customer reviews. They are not seen with star rating on the preview.
    But there is defintly some data about review seen in the RDFa section.

    According to Google tools :

    There are 2 fields mandatory : itemreviewed and reviewer
    In what google see from woocommerce page, there is no reviewer but an author. And there is no itemreviewed but an item (this seems ok from the same page)

    And maybe some other gliches with non-mandatory fields.
    Is this fixable with modifying the product page ? Will it be solve in future release ?

    Seems so near to what is needed, don’t want to use external plugin to do it (like GD Rating Stars)

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  • This is what appears in addition with GD Star Rating in test tool :

    item-fn: Name Product
    best: 5
    average (normalized to 5.0 scale): 5.0
    average: 5.0
    votes: 1

    Without GDSR, Woocommerce not give these informations, must be tag missing

    you can modify the template files

    the file you want to modify is single-product/review.php

    After more reading, it’s not in the reviews the attribute hreview-aggregate must be, but on a “top” div containing all the product information.

    First try to add to title, but result is bad (stars appears, but google complain about informations missing, but they where there)

    After I add it in content-single-product simply by adding a upper level div with just div class=”hreview-aggregate” and closing it at the end of product page.

    This is working well, google see everything in hreview (number of votes, average and notes, price, description …) and just give an advice as it’s the attribute “count” present and not vote, it must have the attribute “reviews” and it’s not the case

    This attribute must have a place in review.php this time, but will see later

    Any new information/solutions?
    Would be great for a functions.php extension and without GD star rating plugin

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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