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    Is there a way to have wins be a ranking in addition to Win %?
    I would use total point but that’s a separate category for this sport (Bocce) and we need to know both and rant on #wins and then total points. Hope this makes sense.

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    Good question. I had to go back and check the code to make sure it works in the really, really cool way it does.

    No, that doesn’t make sense. If one team is 3-12 and another is 2-0, who should be ranked first?

    What you can do is order by rank. Set the rank in each team’s record, and order the standings by rank. (You don’t even have to display it.)

    However rank can’t be calculated automatically from a team’s game results, so if you are using the League Manager Add-ons and “Auto Calculate” is set for the league in question, you have to create records for the league in question, but the record only has one field, “rank”. Everything else is calculated from the game results. (If auto-calculate is not set, it works just like the free version, you provide all the records date on the Update Records screen.


    3-12 team ranks ahead because they won more games; that’s the rule. there wouldn’t be a disparity of games played.

    When A plays B the score might be 12-5 in Favor of A. A gets the “win” but when it comes to tiebreaks the total points scored by the team means is the factor.

    Plugin Author Mark O’Donnell


    Whatevs. That’s a non-standard ‘rule’. If there’s no disparity of games, Win % will give the same result.

    But another thing you try is to order your standings by Points. These are not points scored, but points like 2 for a win, 1 for a tie, and 0 for a loss. So you could set your points rule to 1 for a W, 0 for anything else, and I think you’d get what you want. (Points like in the Premier league, would allow a 4-12 team to be ranked ahead of a 3-0 team. 12 pts to 9. But they play a double round robin, so it would sort itself out by the end of the season.)

    Good point on Win% It would be work.
    How DARE you question “the rule!”

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    Is this sorted out now?

    Yes it is.
    I used Most Conf Wins as the first tiebreaker and put the values in there manually.

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