• The standard search that is running as part of my word press site is not working. I have tried creating a search.php file that uses Google CSE, but this never gets invoked. If I delete there search.php in the child-template folder, or the i-excel folder I still get no results.

    If I search for product in the woocommerce section of the site then I find products.

    I have read a number of different post to try and find the error, but cannot come right.

    would prefer to use the Google CSE – and tried the option posted: https://techwelkin.com/use-search-box-of-wordpress-to-send-query-to-google-cse

    But I have deleted that search.php file now (in the child template folder)

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • PLease try restart server or clear server cache with your provider as it seems that file is still there and cached.

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    Thanks @dignity1988 – we host at afrihost and they say there is nothing wrong their side it is a WordPress issue. I ftp’d on to the site and made sure the files were not there. I cannot restart the services or hosting there so need to assume they have done that.

    So at the moment I has a site with no search capabilities.


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    Just tried to change themes and installed WP Google Search pllugin – and that appears to never get called.

    Hello @wassa. I @assume your theme may use cusom call to search function and template with different name since get_template_part() function exists.
    However you may try to turn off one by one template files and functions. I se the body class “search-results” for search page functionality and the default search may be disable in your theme. YOu may ask advice regarding this options in theme support or make a short investigation in your theme to find out where and how serach function work. Maybe provide us with link to Paid trial version of theme. The search filter may be the 3-d party plugin. And In case you theme were fully workable with search from the box try out disabling third party plugins one by one as it is common magic to remove most of the covered bugs and issues.

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    @dignity1988 thanks for replying. The theme is i-excel a free theme. If you look at the header.php it renders the search input with this code:

    <div class="topsearch">
      <?get_search_form(); ?>

    I have added a google GSE there and that works, it just looks nasty.

    The search results are displayed also via their header.php as follows:

    elseif ( is_search() ) {
      echo '<h1 class="entry-title">';
      printf( __( 'Search Results for: %s', 'i-excel' ), get_search_query() );					
      echo '</h1>';

    That is the code direct from their header.php – I cannot find any other plugins that i may use, but perhaps I am looking in the wrong place.

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    I found the issue. It looks like the one plug “The Post Grid” was controlling the search output – not sure how just yet.

    I had to upgrade to the latest version and it works really well now, you can custom design the way you have the search grid displayed.

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