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  • I have existing Page content (e.g. about us) that I would like to update. I am looking for a solution that will enable me to stage (edit and view) before making ‘live’ changes. FWIW, I have a local development environment that I use to test changes to plugins, themes, etc. So this is another “how do I do versioning/staging on a database-driven site” question.

    Idea #1: Is there a programmatic way (plugin etc) to copy a complete Page but with a different parent and/or slug?

    Process would involve adding testing and versions Page hierarchies
    a. copy aboutus Page, creating new aboutus Page with different page parent (testing). Make changes.
    b. Upon testing complete, copy original about-us to slug=about-us[date] parent=versions
    c. rename testing/about-us to original parent and slug.

    Idea #2 Is it okay to drop and upload only the wp-posts table on a regular basis if wp version is the same?

    Use my local development system to make and test changes to about us content. Export wp-posts local, drop wp-posts remote, import wp-posts local to remote. I would not have easily accessible versioning of Pages.


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