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    I run a rather large WP site and I’m looking to set up a better dev environment. Currently I’ve got a copy of my site running on a separate dev server, from a DB backup that is quite a bit out of date. The servers are configured quite a bit differently and sometimes when I push large changes I run into funky issues.

    I’m looking to run a staging install of WP from a copy of my live DB. I’m not sure if I should batch it over, or run a job each night to sync things up- plus I’m aware I’d need to change certain things. I’d need to be able to save settings and theme options to the DB without them being overwritten by the live DB.

    Any guides or advice on how to do this? I just think it’ll be much more fruitful to develop on a current set of data on a proper server.

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  • Ok, I’ve decided the best way to manage things seems to be to perform a complete copy (which I’ve done), make my changes (which I’m in the process of doing), and use the WP built-in import/export tool to move just the most recent post/comments from the live site to the dev site.

    Question before I try it: will using the import tool on an install already filled with content create any trouble? I figured it be an easy way to scrape up the latest posts in batches and move them over.

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