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    Hi Malcolm, I did send an email via your contact form on the CoronDeck website, so please note that this message covers some of the same questions, but I have another question about seat decoding as well.

    1. I am having problems getting Legends Specification to work, as when I put a Legend in as an item in the seating plan editor (clicking Add zone, naming it Legend, unticking ‘Allocated seats’ and adding the Legend syntax) I get an error message that says ‘Seat Specification invalid for unallocated zone’. Please advise how to fix this. I have tried setting up the Main Theatre template exactly as it appears in the documentation and I get the same error message even with copying and pasting the specifications over from the instructions pdf.

    2. Could you clarify if the places on the seating plan where the row and seat number indicators will appear need to factored into the count of rows and columns when laying out the seating plan.

    3. How to I upload my own tab delimited file for decoding the seat locations? I’ve tried overwriting one of the existing tab delimited files in the plugins/stageshowgold/templates/html folder, but even after deleting the brower’s cache / trying a new browser, it doesn’t seem to pull the new tab file in. Are they stored elsewhere? I can’t find any instructions about how to upload a tab delimited file via the WordPress dashboard, and can’t find the place in the plug in files that defines the route to those files (and would prefer not to fiddle with the plug in files anyway so as not to cause problems when it’s updated in future).

    Look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks, Judith

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    Hi Malcolm, have you had any time to look at these questions? Really need an answer, particularly about the legends and decoding if possible, as those are the pieces of the jigsaw that I need to resolve in order to be able to use the plug in. Thanks, Judith

    Plugin Author Malcolm


    Hi Judith

    Sorry! I’ve been away and made the mistake of assuming your query was not urgent because you bought the plugin last year and appeared not to have used it since.

    1. Legends are associated with a zone with “Allocated Seating” so the checkbox must be checked. Note that legends can be mixed in with the seat specifications if you want to.
    I’ll need to check, but I suspect that the documentation has not been updated since this checkbox was added.

    2. Yes, row and seat indicators take up the equivalent of one seat each, and need to be taken account laying out your seating plan.

    3. The plugin looks for decode files in the wp-content/uploads/stageshowgold/html folder. Save your custom decodes file here with a new name and it will be safe from plugin updates.
    The contents of the plugins/stageshowgold/templates folder are copied to uploads/stageshowgold when the plugin is activated or updated. Again, the documentation needs an update ….

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    Hi, thanks for that, have managed to get the legend and seat decoding working now.

    I have created a discount code but the input box that it should be typed into on the box office page doesn’t seem to be working properly – the input box is very narrow (a couple of characters wide) and when you click on it and try to type something in, nothing happens. Any ideas why that is?



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