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  • Delirium Comics


    I like the idea of this plugin a lot but it seems to be breaking outside of the site container and using the full width.

    I have checked the box to not use Staffer’s CSS but it doesn’t seem to be obeying the existing CSS in terms of position and is not showing the sidebar.


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  • Plugin Author Edward R. Jenkins


    Can you share your URL?

    Delirium Comics


    I’ve actually managed to fix it. I think. I had to add some css to the Staffer options.

    If you’d like to take a look anyway, maybe to see if I missed something, you can see it at for the moment.

    I do have another question about sidebars but I’ll ask that separately.

    Hello, I think I am having the same issue at the OP. You can see here

    The main content area is white – it seems the plugin is placing content in the footer.

    Is this an easy fix by chance?


    Plugin Author Edward R. Jenkins


    Jmazza, your theme is using non-standard content wrappers, so you’ll need to add your own. Trying using the content wrappers used on your other pages.

    Thanks for the quick reply! I didnt use any custom content wrappers for other pages so I’m not quite exactly sure what to do here. Any suggestions? I’m happy to pay for support if need be. -john

    Tried wrapping my staff description in <div id=”content”> Text </div>, but it still left an issue with the rest of the page.

    Hello again, I emailed Woo Themes for support on this issue, and this is what they’ve informed me;

    Hi John,

    There is no such thing as a non standard content wrapper as all content wrappers in themes are slightly different so there is no standard.

    I don’t know how this particular developer adds content wrappers via his plugin but you will need to ask him how to do that as you need to match the HTML wrapper structure from our theme for his plugin to work. I have no experience of his plugin though so don’t know his exact process.

    If you open the page.php file in our theme this is a good place for you to see any content HTML wrappers, you will need to know how to add these to his plugin though.

    I hope this information assists you.

    Kind Regards

    Stuart – WooNinja
    General Support Lead

    Could you please instruct me where I might go about adding HTML wrappers to this plugin?


    Plugin Author Edward R. Jenkins


    You can add content wrappers via the Staffer Settings panel.

    Plugin Author Edward R. Jenkins


    You’ll need to be familiar with HTML + the WordPress content structure to do this, else you’ll probably just keep spinning in circles. Any developer could probably set this up for you in about a half hour.

    Brilliant! Fixed. Just simply needed to add to the start wrapper:

    <div id=”content”><div class=”page col-full”>

    And to the end wrapper


    I suspect this might apply to most, if not all woothemes templates, just in case this issue pops up in the future for anybody else.

    Thanks for all of your help. Donating. – john

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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