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  • Hi guys and gals,

    I’m having a bit of an issue with my SSL. It’s only showing my checkout page as being partially encrypted. This is via the WordPress HTTPS test via plugins:

    Unsecured URL:
    Congrats, your base URL is secure!

    Unsecured Forms:
    Congrats, no unsecure forms!

    Unsecured Links:

    <al href=””>
    <al href=””>
    <al href=””>

    Unsecured Images:
    Congrats, no unsecure images!

    Unsecured CSS/Scripts/Style Sheets:
    Congrats, no unsecure CSS, scripts or style sheets!

    So with that being said, it obviously looks like the links are what’s keeping it from being fully encrypted on a consistant basis. (Oddly, it’s showed fully encrypted once or twice under the exact same circumstances.)
    This may be a dumb question, but I can’t find where those links would be coming in at? Any help would be appreciated… 🙂 ps, the a href tags are edited to al so it doesn’t display a big link. They are correct on the site.

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  • <div id=”wpadminbar” class=”nojq nojs” role=”navigation”>
    <div class=”quicklinks”>
    <ul id=”wp-admin-bar-root-default” class=”ab-top-menu”>
    <li id=”wp-admin-bar-wp-logo” class=”menupop”><span class=”ab-icon”></span><div class=”ab-sub-wrapper”><ul id=”wp-admin-bar-wp-logo-default” class=”ab-submenu”>
    <li id=”wp-admin-bar-about” class=””>About WordPress <ul id=”wp-admin-bar-wp-logo-external” class=”ab-sub-secondary ab-submenu”>
    <li id=”wp-admin-bar-wporg” class=””>
    <li id=”wp-admin-bar-documentation” class=””>Documentation
    <li id=”wp-admin-bar-support-forums” class=””>Support Forums
    <li id=”wp-admin-bar-feedback” class=””>Feedback </div>

    This is in the page source, I’m assuming this is for the WP admin bar. Again, maybe my inexperience is shining to you more seasoned programmers, but should this issue be local ONLY to be while logged into the admin panel?

    Ok, I have fixed the issue. I was right a and a bit of a brain toot on my side. It was merely b/c I was logged in as the admin and the links weren’t ssl in the admin panel. I searched I promise!

    Ok, I downloaded wordpress https and all was well, the problem now is my home links are non secure links and i’m getting the same message. I don’t think those were an issue prior to the plugin install. ugh.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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