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  • Worked hours on this one so I thought I would post it. I just upgraded 3 sites to SSL. I used SSL for Free and had to use the Manual DNS method because Hostmonter and GoDaddy were not very friendly with the other methods. Special note: When you add the 2 TXT records to the DNS only add _acme-challenge & _acme-challenge.www, do not include your domain. That is auto configured and will not propagate if you add it. NOW, I was warned not to add much to my site prior to adding the SSL. This is because of internal links that are still pointing to HTTP rather than HTTPS. I went to my site. saw a green lock and suddenly it dissappeared and there was a yellow caution sign. This warned me that I had some mixed content, primarily images. I tried the “Really Simple SSL plugin” but it crashed telling me it couldn’t fix everything. I then tried the “Force HTTPS Redirect” plugin. No settings, just load it and it worked. All my sites are now SSL and so far no issues. I was even able to use this method on a site where the Domain is registered at one host and the site is hosted at another.
    Just wanted to pass this on to hopefully help others save some time.

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  • @lestexas60 the txt records are indeed tricky. the concept behind them is kinda odd. On the left is a box where you type what for lack of a better term we will call the “subdomain” IE. _acme-challenge
    Here is the super tricky part. When you hit save it adds a period to the end of it and appends whatever domain name your in the dns zone editor for.
    If you are like me and you make 1000s of typpos 🙂 you might have to open the edit box up and fix a typo. What can happen after the edit fix is the UI fails to add the period back and then will decert your whole site.
    Rule of thumb is to make sure all txt records have a “subdomain”PERIOD before you let that dang thing replicate. If you fail to do this you might have decerted for as long as 8 hours if you are waiting at the keys on the successful prop. 4 down 4 fix.

    Your other statement is very complex. If you have messed with the Htaccess file and are appending www. to all domains on your host then the real simple ssl plug in can not do its job which is simply append “S” in the database for all your absolute references to http. the http://www messes it up. I am not entirely sure why I never dug into the code. Possibly the order of the operations of the on the fly mod + the rewrite? Guessing at straws there.

    The force HTTPS redirect approaches this differently and is a tim allen moar power tool It adds a rewrite rule to your htaccess file. Which is ( imho) the correct way to ssl a hosting package because it will force it on parked domains also. Glad to see problems solved and resolutions posted. I like sharing of knowledge.

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