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  • Hi WP Veterans,

    I REALLY hope someone is able to assist!

    I’m using an Elegant Theme’s Nova theme on the latest WordPress hosted on a CPanel server. The Server has an SSL certificate applied.

    The theme works really well as but sucks badly on The site slows to a crawl and images don’t load.

    I’ve tried plugin options to resolve the issue of images not being found, like “Fix ssl/non-ssl links” and “WordPress HTTPS” but neither of them helped. In fact the WordPress HTTPS plugin redlines my entry process load (20/20) and shuts the site down temporarily so I’ve disabled it. It didn’t seem to help anyway. Most threads related to SSL issues are with the WP-SSL plugin hence my posting in this section instead.

    My host helpdesk reckons the problem lies with too many scripts running on my theme, but that doesn’t answer why SSL makes such a big difference. I wonder if it’s a WP issue with SSL.

    I’ve looked through Nova’s php/css files and it seems as though any images required by the theme are relative urls so SHOULD work as well under SSL as not. If I can resolve the theme images loading and speed issue I can then go through and try to resolve the media we’ve uploaded to WP-content/uploads.

    If someone feels so inclined to compare the sites/theme in Chrome with developer tools mode active (or similar) and can diagnose this I’d be mighty grateful!

    Thanks in anticipation!

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