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SSL sites not index by Google

  • Hello,
    I have a website http://www.extorfx.com when you go to this site it will redirect http://www.extorfx.com
    right now I checked my site with Google basis index its index everything. But my seo software advanced web ranking said its not index it. I really don’t understand it. I ranked professional seo services in Google when I have blogger domain. Due to blogger our country block issue I just change it and move to godaddy hosting and make a ssl. Right now I lost my ranking. I don’t understand why lost my ranking? I see my page index by google if I search site:www.extorfx.com or site:extorfx.com or http://www.extorfx.com or https://www.extorfx.com So my all page index fine by Google even not robot block. but my software advanced web ranking show its not yet index. I also set in my webmaster add ssl version today.Please let me know if you have any solution

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