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  1. notatypewriter
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    I have a SSL certificate issued to my root domain (eg. example.org) and ssl subdomain (eg. ssl.example.org). My blog is on a blog subdomain (eg. blog.example.org). All pages are accessible through root, www, or ssl, (eg. example.org/blog or http://www.example.org/blog or ssl.example.org/blog). Basically all the DocumentRoot directives for ServerName http://www.example.org, ServerName ssl.example.org, and the default one point to the public_html root, whereas DocumentRoot for blog.example.org goes to public_html/blog.

    From what I've read on the forum so far, running the WordPress administration pages through ssl.example.org/blog/wp-admin is not feasible because WordPress will want to use mod_rewrite to redirect to blog.example.org. Am I right in this conclusion?

    Also, would this be a feasible workaround: Make my own Certificate Authority and have my root public key be downloadable on ssl.example.org (which has a cert issued by StartSSL), and then issue my own certs for my various subdomains.


  2. notatypewriter
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