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  • Hi
    WordPress was working fine.
    Until I decided to go pulic and secure it.
    Running apache2.
    Configured apache for ssl – works with squirrelmail alright.
    Decided to switch to https and in wordpress admin – options set the WordPress and blog URI to begin with https: instead of http:
    Now I cannot login.
    I can browse the blogs ok but on the login page once I input my username and password I get redirected to login page againa and again.
    And now I cannot revert to the http: version.
    Where can I edit the URL again. And how can I push WordPress throgh ssl

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  • If you have phpMyAdmin, you can browse the wp_options table for the following:
    option_name = siteurl
    option_name = home

    Edit these to use HTTP instead of HTTPS.

    There’s no convenient way to run WordPress on both HTTP and HTTPS. If you’re concerned about logins only, you could try my Secure Login plugin.

    I don’t use phpMyAdmin.
    Will this help
    There is a patch for ssl
    However to apply it I need to know the wordpress source directory. Is it where the site resides?

    The WordPress source directory is the directory that holds your WP files.

    If you don’t use phpMyAdmin, you can use whatever MySQL tool you prefer to modify the option_values associated with the option_names listed above.

    Moderator James Huff


    Just apply the plugin that Skippy linked to above. It’s, by far, easier to use.

    Well, my plugin only deals with logging in, and not with wrapping SSL around an entire site. The HOWTO that chavdarvideff linked is a more robust (but far more complicated) means to run a single WordPress installation under both HTTP and HTTPS.

    Moderator James Huff


    chavdarvideff, to fix your problem you will need either phpmyadmin or something else to access the database and correct the two values that skippy quoted in his first reply. If you can, I highly recommend installing phpmyadmin. It is an invaluable tool.

    Ok fixed the URL in mysql.
    Now I am back to the non-ssl site (http).
    The patch in the howto didn’t work but didn’t ruin anything either.
    If I only have the site under HTTPS isn’t it supposed to just run?
    This is what I thought: enable ssl for apache, edit virtual hosts and it is ok?

    It’s all there:
    At the bottom.
    Thanks for all hints.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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