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  • Hi all,
    Hope we all good. i have an install of WordPress multi-site on a university’s web space. the main url of the university is the multisite install is on another box with the url The issue is an ssl has been bought for it works fine. but been a sub directory of, refuses to open in browsers when one is trying to open it. the staffblog worked fine without the ssl but now, whenever one is trying to open the, https is forced on the and because the only know http, without the s, it becomes conflictng and because of that it will not open.
    Please any help will be much appreciated.
    i have tried to read on how t add ssl to multi sites and none seem to work.
    than you very much for your help.

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  • I’m struggling with a similar situation as you, although I haven’t come as far as you do yet.

    I believe that what you need for your site is an SSL which supports subdomains (i.e. a “wildcard domain SSL”).

    But I have a question for you: When you try to access the back end of your site, i.e., does the server also try to force https for that page, or is it only the front end seen by visitors?

    SSL certificates are generally specific to a hostname and cannot be used on other hostnames.

    You bought an SSL certificate for That is the only hostname that SSL certificate can be used for.

    You installed WP multisite on Then you will need to buy an SSL cerificate for that hostname (domain). If you are using WP multisite sub-domain and will be using multiple hostnames in WP – like,,, etc – then you can buy a wildcard SSL certificate which will work with all *

    Thank you JKHongusc. our certificate is a wild card. but integrating it into the multisite is my problem now.
    Thank you very much and waiting for your reply

    Thank you all for your contributions.
    As proposed, I wiped the entire system, installed SSL on the system before the WordPress installation.
    Now whenever I try the URL which is in a browser, it does come on, other times it doesn’t open at all. It is now on and off. When its off and I restart the server it comes on again. For the IP address of the box which is, whenever I key it into a browser, it opens the apache page. I seem not to get what is happening.
    Please try and help me.
    I am most grateful

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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