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    Are there plans to integrate SSL into WordPress? I realize there’s a plugin for it, but I just upgraded, and it failed. I posted the information here, in the plugins section.<p>

    However, my thought is, given that without the plugin, passwords are sent in the clear, isn’t that sufficient to integrate it so it’s not just a plugin, but part of the core wordpress install?

    I read this page, and went through the steps to implement FORCE_SSL_ADMIN, but it seems that’s only on the backend. As it seems now, any sniffer can detect passwords for wordpress install, which seems to me a major liability.

    Although I realize not every ISP may offer SSL, couldn’t there be an option to turn it on or off, like there is for Admin SSL? In addition, if it were more integrated with WordPress, hopefully, there would be fewer cases of tickets like this, where I tried the fix and it failed, or like this.

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    Since having a valid SSL certificate requires having a dedicated IP address, which some hosts charge a fee for and only provide in certain cases of need (if every WordPress blog had a dedicated IP address, the world would literally run out of IP addresses), I doubt that this will ever be a priority.

    There are a variety of administration over SSL solutions detailed here:

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