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SSL Certificate protection?

  • Hey guys,

    I have a quick question. I do almost everything to protect my blog. From password protection directories, turning off index listing to certain areas, and using spam filter along with security plugins, but is it enough? I’ve been very careful to make sure the site is still searchable, but if I get an SSL certificate, will that stop hackers in their tracks basically, or is it not worth it after all I’ve done? I just don’t want some thing to be installed or bypassed in my blog and have it crash or taken over.

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  • As far as I’m aware SSL only helps with passing sensitive personal data (like credit card information) on the net. And if you are in a shared hosting environment, you can batten down your hatches pretty good but your site is only as safe as the weakest point on that server. So if some other moron is running an old outdated version of PHPBB or something, you’re sunk. Just google for “ssl hacking” and you’ll see that even if you make something foolproof, eventually, along comes a smarter fool. So SSL, unless you are collecting CC payments online, is probably overkill. I think there’s an annual fee for the SSL certificate.


    Yeah your probably right. I do run off a shared server, but no one else using it is smart enough to change any advanced stuff, plus our hosting company updates all the server side programs constantly. I think I should be fine, hopefully we won’t have a problem, but just in case I have backups.


    P.S. In terms of hardening WP, is there anything I should do that I haven’t listed above?

    This is a treasure trove of security tips and tricks for WP. I’m diving in right now.

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