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    I’m looking for a SSL Certificate for my WordPress ecommerce site I am developing. I have already confirmed with my host, Dreamhost, that I can purchase any third party certificate. This is my first time doing this, so appreciate any advice.

    Couple of specific questions:
    1) The cheapest options secure only single domains, as opposed to also subdomains. My site will just have one checkout page that I think needs SSL. Can I go with cheapest option then?

    2) Most options claim to be 99%+ compatible with browsers, although some of the more expensive options also mention mobile browsers. Obviously, I would want customers who are using their phones to be able to purchase securely from my website (although I do not have mobile app, just responsive theme design). Do I need to pay extra for this, or is this just a sales gimmick and the cheapest options would still support mobile customers?


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  • Hello Tyler,

    From your writing style it appears that, you already know the minimum basics of SSL/TLS an HTTPS.

    Now coming to your questions, all SSL certificate provides a kind of ‘insurance’. A good list for comparison of SSL certificates on Wikipedia can be helpful. This kind insurance is called indemnity. This list will partially provide you some idea why the pricing varies. Most modern browsers including mobile browsers on mid to high end devices will support SSL if purchased from a good brand.
    Purchasing using phones are separate service, you can use any good Payment Gateway.
    Unless you have any special reason, practically you can use Paypal Merchant account without really having a SSL certificate.

    You can talk about these on this Google Plus Group – (its named Building a Company and I am not the owner of the group but a member), You will get better advice from a big business owner user base.

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