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  • Noticed this since last few days (post 3.0 upgrade):
    – When I access the Dashboard using HTTPS, and go to the options page, WordPress changes the site address to HTTPS! I had the WP-Admin directory set to “Require SSL”, and accessed the dashboard and admin pages using SSL.
    – When I create a new post, even if I manually type full path of image files or another page with “http://…”, WordPress changes it to https://
    – As a result, browsers that don’t trust my certificate (e.g. iPhone and other Apple devices) don’t show images until the certificate is manually trusted by the user.
    – When manually editing a post or any other link and changing links back to HTTP, the links are automatically changed back to HTTPS!

    Temporary workaround and validation:
    – Removed the “Require SSL” on wp-admin directory, accessed WP Dashboard using HTTP.
    – Site address on the options page now shows up with HTTP
    – Any links I manually change back to HTTP don’t revert to HTTPS.

    Accessing the Dashboard again using HTTPS (without Require HTTPS on WP-Admin directory) results in links being changed back to HTTPS again!

    No SSL-related plug-ins.

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  • I would just like to add that a similar thing happens on the front-end. If you access your site via HTTPS, all links to other pages change to HTTPS. In my particular case, I only wanted a single page to be HTTPS, but WordPress insists on changing all the links on the page.

    Hey bsuneja,

    I’ve figured out a way to disable WordPress 3.0+ from changing links to HTTPS. I’ve added the option to my WordPress HTTPS plugin.

    Let me know if it works for you!

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