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  • Ok, this is really crazy. Since a while ago my WordPress website have been gradually becoming excessively slow so I decided investigating what was the matter and found out the database was 60MB big which I found quite unusual for a website that isn’t more than a simple blog with about 5 pages, a couple of posts and three photo galleries.

    What was my surprise when I’ve noticed that WordPress was storing the source code of the photos straight in the database(?!) so everytime I was calling a photo from a page/post WordPress would write

    img src=”02905792kcviujsfn20i kdjdogudgno dkgnmd9gud …and about 20 paragraphs more of this….

    Instead of a normal:

    img src=”http:path to the file”

    Does anyone knows why this happens? I have a few WordPresses under my belt and it is the first time I saw such a thing.

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  • This may indicate a site that has been compromised…have you checked your site at Sucuri?

    Thanks for your reply. I have just tried and it says it’s all good.

    Site link?

    I think you have a plugin conflict:

    Your site loads both of these:

    Load one version of jquery.

    You are also forcing your site visitors to load over 1Mb of .js and .css files, this will not result in a good experience for most visitors on a desktop with DSL and poor experiences for those on mobile. Sites with many plugins, in my experience perform poorly, require much attention, and end up not being the original owners best thought…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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