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  • I’d like a bit of assistance from far more hardened designers than my inept self: I’ve neglected to visibly mention that my trip is from London to Shanghai, by land, which is kind of important.

    The site is Old World Wandering. I’ve looked at the page too too many times and would love the aid fresh, knowledgable eyes might offer.

    Also, since IE latest release, the button on the far right (“Iain”) is out of place. It’s also like this in Safari but, try as I might, my limited CSS abilities aren’t up to fixing it.

    Do I need to make my stylesheet publicly avail able? If so, where?


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  • I can’t get to your website. Please, give us a working URL.

    Sorry, this should work.

    I’m not quite sure how much info you intend to add in, but one idea could be to make that info your tagline in the header. Another option – you could place an “About” blurb at the top of the sidebar if all you need is a couple of short sentences.

    If you think you need more space than either of those options will allow, add an “About” page.

    Hi! Nice itinerary 🙂

    My two cents:

    Comments link : It’s a bit an enigma to which post this link belongs. Put it above line separator…as this is somehow a delimiter between post blocks.

    Post page: I miss more photos. I’d like to see where have you been…interesting places.

    Right menu: Maybe a lack of separation between blocks. Visually it is just one tall column.

    Have a nice trip and enjoy!

    Noted. There are picture galleries accessible (I’m using WPG2, an ancient version) and seem to be accessed with relative frequency. I’m worried sticking larger images into the text will distract from what’s written and that is the point – I’m an amateur photographer (and will probably always be) but a proto-professional writer.

    How do you suggest I break up the sidebar? Lines?

    I like the idea of a block in the banner’s wasted space.

    For the sidebar, you could use lines to contain and break things up a little bit. You could also put each group of things in its own box in the sidebar, like the sidebar on the Connections theme, for example:

    (Click on the Connections tab to see the theme.)

    I’ve looked at Connections, don’t think it’ll work (although I like it: so easily elegant). I’d have to shrink my header and buttons which might not produce results I like and would take me some arduous time, which I don’t have in front a PC in India.

    The only info I need to add (sorry msadventures, just reread your earlier comment) in “London to Shanghai, by land”. I like the simplicity of the banner on your site, might do something quite similar.

    What do you think of this? It’s a new banner, I’m trying to make the addition non-instrusive but struggling to beat the simplicity of the original.

    Thanks for all the advice thus far.

    I think that works very well as a tagline!

    I’ve gone with it. It’s here, as you might expect. Thanks for the help.

    Still battling with the out of sync image when using IE6 or Safari, I’ll post it elsewhere.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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