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  • Hello,

    Apparently, I’m not the only one who wants to move from Squarespace to WP. I’ve waded through pages and pages here about workarounds and plugins, but nothing I’ve tried has worked thus far. Any help would be very much appreciated.

    1.) Most people advise to export SS as a Moveable Type file. This is no longer a viable solution, as SS only exports .xml files “for WordPress” at this time, without other options. I have an .xml file that I’ve downloaded from SS, but I have no idea what to do with it. Where would it go (I’m looking at the FTP on my web host)? Is that even the solution?

    2.) Tried XML, which resulted in a bunch of cute series of posts that do have my post titles, but in terms of the content only say things like this:

    {“error”:”Access Denied: Invalid session crumb”,”loginRequired”:false,”crumbFail”:true,”crumb”:”155cc84b8c”}

    My website (the one I have currently pointed at WordPress) is You can see what it looked like on SS at

    Thank you again for any help you can offer!

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  • Have you tried this tutor (Revised on 2012 June 19)

    Moving from SquareSpace to WordPress

    While I am a WP maniac (so I can do whatever I want), looks like some people prefer Squarespace

    10 Reasons Why I Moved From WordPress to Squarespace 6

    Just curious why you are moving away from Squarespace?

    Hi David,

    Thanks for replying. However, that tutor you showed me refers to an older version of Squarespace — one that is able to export via Typepad/Moveable Type. The newest version of Squarespace can’t export in any form other than .xml for WordPress. And, on WordPress’s end, WP doesn’t have an option to import from Squarespace. It’s all pretty frustrating.

    I’m moving away from SS because a designer that I’m working with prefers WP. Also, I had become pretty tired of not being able to do anything I wanted with the (very few) templates SS has.

    Thanks anyway — E

    I see, thanks for the explanation. Looks like folks here were able to do so:

    but not sure if it will work with Looks like this guy is offering conversion serivce

    Yeah, I emailed him about his conversion service. In the meantime, I’m still scouring the web to try and find something useful. I can’t believe this is so complicated!

    It’s because there are not enough demand for this service.

    If SquareSpace will export WordPress XML, then you should use the “WordPress” option under Tools -> Import. It will tell you to “Install the WordPress importer to import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags from a WordPress export file.” This means you just need to download and install the default WordPress importer. Given that SquareSpace is producing WordPress XML, it will be as though you are importing from another WordPress blog.


    Thanks for responding. Unfortunately, I tried that, and it didn’t work. This is what I see under every post that supposedly “imported”:

    {“error”:”Access Denied: Invalid session crumb”,”loginRequired”:false,”crumbFail”:true,”crumb”:”d46f5197e8″}

    Does anyone know what that means?


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