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  • Hi!

    With square-thumbnails plugin enabled, I use the multi-file uploader to upload a .jpg.( ).

    I get a “HTTP error.” (screenshot below.)

    Screenshot of the “HTTP error.” message inside the Upload New Media > multi-file uploader screen, after having tried to upload a file.
    2017 08 04 square thumbnails

    I look in the sub-folder of the uploads folder, and do see that the .jpgs became uploaded. However they didn’t become re-sized. (they are as if the native wordpress upload took place. no special re-size happened, no special square thumbnail made)

    Also, for the uploads that happened at this time, they are missing icons when viewed in the Media Library.

    Screenshot of icons missing:
    2017 08 04 0810 square thumbnails

    Then, I disabled the plugin. Then uploads happened as expected. Re-enabled the plugin. “HTTP error.” persists.

    What’s a good next step, towards defining what’s happening here? (On the way to making a fix for it)

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  • Hi There,

    it seems upload is working better, but this:

    As additional info – i’m using the storefront theme. Something strange is, that when i open the shop in a new incognito tab the archive page thumbnail appears correct (square), after visiting product single page and getting back it appears rectangular. you can check this behaviour by visiting (product Tee Ei lose) with the 900×600 pic.

    i still have.. do you have any ideas what this can cause?

    btw. i don’t have any active caching running right now.

    next to the original image (1440×667) it creates the following thumbnails:

    65×30 (rectangular)
    70×32 (square conversion)
    130×60 (rectangular)
    150×150 (square conversion)
    300×139 (square conversion)
    350×162 (square conversion)
    500×232 (square conversion)
    600×278 (square conversion)
    768×356 (rectangular)
    1024×747 (square conversion)

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    I fixed it, but I will release the update in 1-2 days, after better testing.

    Plugin Author ilmdesigns


    A new update was released. I fixed more bugs and added some new options.

    Hey thanks a lot for the great support!! I did not change anything on the issue that storefront falls back to another image source (the original) when clicking back from single product page to category page. but this seems to be a theme problem. well your added option to make also the original image to square does work as a workaround!

    I am unfortunately still getting the same “HTTP error” as the creator of this thread.
    And the plugin doesn’t create square thumbnails.

    I have tried with woocommerce “hard crop” settings both on and off.

    WordPress/Woocommerce still creates thumbnails as usual. BUT it doesn’t use them. It uses only the original image both on category pages and product page.

    Using PHP 7.

    Plugin Author ilmdesigns


    Hello Xonium,

    Thank you for reporting this problem. I will check and fix it on Saturday.

Viewing 6 replies - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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