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    Hi i installed square for woocommerce plugin but its not working. It shows this javascript error “A token request is already in place”. on checkout page in console. and when i submit the checkout form, its do nthing, order not placed, nothing. Can you please help me on this.?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi @yasir8swat,

    Thank you for your patience! I checked the checkout page at but it’s currently using a different Square plugin. If you need support for that one, you can get in touch with plugin authors here:

    Alternatively if you already disabled WooCommerce Square due to problems with checkout but would like to continue troubleshooting this, the next thing you can check is to test if some other plugin or theme code could interfere with Square scripts at the checkout.

    I’ve seen the same error A token request is already in place caused by a conflict with auto-thumbnail option in Divi theme. Even though your site doesn’t use Divi, it’s possible there’s a similar conflict here with a different part of the site code.

    The test to verify this should take around 30 minutes, and you can put your site in maintenance mode for that time. Alternatively if you’d rather avoid experimenting on your real site, you can use a free plugin like [WP Staging]( to clone the whole site and run the test there.

    Here is how you can check this.

    1. Temporarily switch your theme to default [WordPress Twenty Sixteen Theme](
    2. Disable all plugins except for WooCommerce and Square
    3. Add some products to cart and proceed to the checkout page,
    4. Refresh the checkout page and see if you can find the same error in browser console.

    If that resolves the issue, then you can re-enable features one or two at a time until things start breaking again. If it doesn’t resolve the issue, please create a temporary Administrator account with the address, and submit a support ticket at so that we can check this in details.

    Please also include a link to this conversation as a reference:

    Thank you so much in advance!

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    Hi there @yasir8swat,

    We haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I’m going to mark this as resolved – if you have any further questions, you can start a new thread.

    I have same problem.
    Square plugin was worked well, and from a few days ago, it stopped working.
    I investigated the site and found there is js error “[Analytics] A token request is already in place”
    When I tried to checkout, another error was there.
    “Uncaught FormNotReadyError: Cannot call SqPaymentForm#requestCardNonce before the paymentFormLoaded() callback.”

    Plugin loaded 3 of iframe code “”
    and console shows 3 of “Square: Building payment form”

    I tried to fix it by deactivating all of another plugins and activated woocommerce and elementor, woocommerce square plugin.
    But it was same.
    Also woocommerce log shows “Payment nonce is missing”.

    What is the reason of it?
    How can I fix it?

    Please let me know. it is very urgent and I am almost loss my business.

    @madeincosmos I am having this issue and using the Divi theme. You mentioned the thumbnail option with Divi – is there a fix for this? Where do I turn off this option and is that the solution? Really don’t want to have to find a new payment processor….

    @myhope1227 did you find anything else about this?


    @ksansone I found an issue and fixed it by myself.
    I used Elementor for the site and there was a problem with plugin.
    Because of Elementor, script for square plugin was called several times.
    So I have rebuild the page with Elementor again and issue was fixed.

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