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  1. Xial
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I'm getting this whenever I attempt to view my blog:
    1. SQL/DB Error --
    2. [Got error 28 from table handler]
    The links work fine (which I assume are also stored in the DB), but everything else just reports this error. Have a look:
    It worked fine yesterday morning, and I made no changes for the past couple of days. But, around midnight, this error crops up, and I haven't figured it out.
    Nothing else using my database has been affected - the oekaki and messageboards works fine. It's only this. Any ideas as to what this could be?

  2. Cena
    Posted 12 years ago #

  3. Xial
    Posted 12 years ago #

    I feel stupid for not using the search function. ^^;;
    Thank you very much. It must have been the free space issue mentioned. :) I come home, and all is well.

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