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  • Hey guys, I have my old WordPress database back-up as a .SQL file, however, in order to upload it to my new blog I must change it to .WXR. Since I don’t have the old blog anymore (it got deleted), I can’t use the wordpress-to-wordpress plugin in order to create a new .WXR file.

    How can I save my database? is there another plugin I can use for changing my .SQL to .WXR? Is there someone who’s running a test blog that can assist?

    Your help is much appreciated.



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  • Yes. someone could do it if motivated. Here’s what they would do.

    grab the distribution of wordpress that most closely resemembles your old SQL dump Install Apaches and Msyql and the version of WordPress on your desktop machine and then restore the database and then export it. It’s a lot of work. I wouldn’t expect many free offers.

    A gutsy person who knows where the edge is might edit the sql dump contents to match but not conflct with the new sql/wp-config. Pretty much anybody can run a test blog if they think about the details.

    Sorry I passed up the easy option. if the two Mysqls and Two WordPress are close to the same versions, you don’t have to to a WXR migration, just a DB migrations which you can read about in forum searches and in the codex. Version numbers are important.

    THANK YOU! it works! I installed the old WP version + restored the old MySQL database… and… ta-da.

    Thanks again.


    WE ARE HAPPY. Now you may proceed very cautiously in upgrading to newer versions of WordPress or migrating via the WXR if you really need to. I suspect not.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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