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  • Looking at my sql database I noticed that this plugin produces a non standard table format.

    Because of the underscore in front of the table name and the base prefix having an underscore at the end when viewing in phpmyadmin the table is put at the end of the database with a “subtable” structure. So if the prefix is “wp_” the result is wp__3wp_activity_monitor_index(2 underscores between wp & 3wp)

    $this->query("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS“.$this->wpdb->base_prefix.”_3wp_activity_monitor_index`

    So in phpmyadmin it shows as table “wp” with an “+” icon by it to expand it to show the 4 3wp_activity_monitor tables.

    While its really not a big deal, (at least I don’t think the subfolder type table is causing any issues), I think most users are using a prefix like “wp_”

    Is there any special reason that this structure is used? Wouldn’t it be better not to have the underscore in the front of the table name?


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