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  1. TVining
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I used to use the following sql command to take all the words beyond "release. " and before the words "Has graduated" and put them in the title.

    I would normally end up with something like "Marine Corps Private June J. Jett"

    UPDATE wp_posts SET post_title=(SELECT substr(post_content, LOCATE('ase.\n',post_content)+7,LOCATE('has Graduated',post_content)-LOCATE('ase.\n',post_content)-8)) where post_content like '%has graduated%' and post_title like '%hometown%';

    However, since upgrading to 2.7, I now get "-Mime Type of File is image/jpeg --><div class="po" It's like it's not finding the word release.

    But why would it start at the version change?


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