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  • tcwaters


    My WP blog is hosted with an ISP who specializes (??) in WP blogs. But far too often for me, the blog is off-line. Sometimes every few days, but no less than a few times a month. A few times this has occurred and someone else has alerted me that my site is down, but often, I go to try and blog, and can’t connect. The site shows a database connection error. For me this is pretty frustrating, as I don’t know how long it has been off-line, or even if the episodes are quite short in duration, how often this is happening.

    So, my ISP just told me it is a common problem with WordPress. Can someone shed some light on that? It seems to me to be too unstable this way, that I can’t believe it is common across all WordPress users. I run a Mac OS X Server at work, that uses MySQL for a mix of things, and I have never experienced a problem what-so-ever. So, I need some more information so I can understand this and either not get so frustrated, or move my blog to a more stable service provider.

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  • stvwlf



    move my blog to a more stable service provider.

    WordPress runs like a rock on zillions of installations



    Thanks for the input. Are there ways that WP or the server housing t should be set up to keep DOS or DOS-like attacks from causing a problem?

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