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  • this install is generating a ton of errors behind the scenes

    So we did a fresh install on a remote server using:
    SQL 2012
    IIS 7.5 with PHP 5.3.13

    And utilizing the:
    • wp-db-abstraction

    and in

    • db.php
    • fields_map.parsed_types.php

    In the Media section of WordPress, we upload an image but it does not show it in the list view. However the number of uploads says 1.

    Then if you simply hit refresh… the number starts increasing by it self in increments of 5. so 5 uploads, 10 uploads, 15 uploads, 20 uploads. If you start clicking around WordPress CMS and then go back to the Media page all of the sudden it shows that number drastically increased as if it were tracking your click rate. So now it might say: 850 uploads or 1040 uploads.

    The other areas of the site do the same thing. Posts etc… Then if you install any 3rd party plugins they 2 begin to react like this.

    So I think it’s an un worked out issue with SQL at the moment.

    Can anyone shed light using SQL on a Windows based server?

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