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[resolved] Spurious title tags added in og:title on posts (8 posts)

  1. I found a strange issue with AIOSEO while using the Social Media Options and the OG tags.

    This is what I see in browser source:

    <meta property="og:title" content="<title> Blog Post 14</title> | My Site Title" />

    The content is wrapped in <title> tags. (note: this forum renders the title tags as tags, but in my browser source, they are actually html entities). All the other OG tags are OK.

    This only happens on posts and CPTs, not pages.

    I changed the %post_title% in AIOSEO>>General Settings>>Title Settings>>Post Title Format to plain text, and the text was echoed as the title. Going back to %post_title% again shows the title tags in the og meta in browser source.

    With CPTs: If I manually enter an SEO title with the AIOSEO editor below the post editor, I get that title in og without the extra title tags. Letting AIOSEO auto-generate the SEO title adds the title tags to the og meta tag.

    Any ideas? Thanks.


  2. Steve Mortiboy
    Support Manager at Semper Fi
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi songdogtech,

    I've never seen All in One SEO Pack output that before. Can you provide the URL for your site so I can take a look?

  3. Thanks, but it's a private server URL for testing. No other plugins running that impact the title. But, it's a Genesis child theme, and the title tags don't appear when using twentyfourteen or twentythirteen. Now I realize that Genesis might be the cause, or exacerbating something in AIOSEO.

  4. Steve Mortiboy
    Support Manager at Semper Fi
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi songdogtech,

    Can you confirm that the Title tags just don't appear at all, or that they appear without the HTML tags when you switch to Twenty Thirteen?

    Genesis is usually very good at detecting when All in One SEO Pack is installed and it usually automatically deactivates it's onboard SEO.

  5. The title tags don't appear at all in the og tags, either full or the < and > as html entities, with twentyfourteen or twentythirteen.

    I tested the Genesis theme with another plugin that puts og tags in the header, and the same thing happens with posts and CPTs, but not pages. With the other plugin, a minor difference is that they render as full title tags and the < and > are not html entities.

    So I guess it is something with Genesis and the way it provides a hook to plugins for post and CPT titles.

  6. Update 12/27/13: Copyblogger Media Support told me this is a bug that they are addressing and they have a temporary workaround.

  7. Looks like this is fixed in Genesis 2.0.2

  8. Steve Mortiboy
    Support Manager at Semper Fi
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi songdogtech,

    Glad to hear that's been fixed in the latest release of Genesis.


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