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  • Just wanted to announce a new Three-Column theme that I adapted for WordPress… I like the look of three columns, and didn’t see a lot of well-developed ones for WordPress.

    The theme is Springer, and you can see it in action on my blog,

    I think it’s pretty nifty, of course, so I just wanted to mention it and share the design back to the community.

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  • Pretty nice! Looks good in FF 1.5RC2 and IE 6, even at 800×600 (though with a horiz. scroll of course); only problem I see is that the calendar seems to be “squished” – with all the numbers running right on top of each other (all resolutions from 800×600 to 1600×1200, two different 17″ monitors).

    You might want to contact shadow at and get it submitted there as well….

    PS: if it were me, I think I might want to make the background graphic a little less obvious, and maybe greenish instead of grey….

    Thanks for the comments, vkaryl!

    I removed my custom calendar code (it was a plugin) and replaced it with the standard WP code, adjusting the CSS to style it properly– looks much better (and my theme is at version 0.3, oh boy).

    I sent a contact form-mail off to, we’ll see what happens.

    (Hehe.. you caught my blog when I was playing with background images. It’s back to blank behind the page container for now 😉 )

    Yep, that’s nice too – though I do like a bit of background interest, just less “obvious” I guess. Jen at has some really nice pales that you could check out….

    I left a comment on your blog concerning the calendar problem before I read the solution here. Sorry, I corrected the function call and it works fine.

    I noticed another problem with my blog. When I click on a comment, it does not appear in the pop-up window, but rather in a new browser window. Do you know what might be wrong?

    Hey Jim-

    Sorry about the outdated function call… I fixed the .zip file of the theme thanks to your feedback. I hope you like the theme!

    If the comments are appearing in a new browser window, but not a popup, my first thought would be that you have Javascript disabled. If that’s not the case… I’m not sure. Caroline at Soul Doodles installed my theme, and her pop-ups are working fine.

    Thank’s paradoxdruid

    When I go to your blog, the pop-ups work. On my blog, the Linkdumps posts open in a pop-up, but the recent comments don’t.

    Ah, I had to set that in the options for the Recent Comments Plugin:

    If you go to Options -> Recent Comments, change the text template to:
    <a href="%comment_link" title="%post_title, %post_date" onclick="wpopen(this.href); return false"><b>%comment_author</b></a> (%post_title): %comment_excerpt<br />

    Thank you, that worked fine.

    hi all,

    I’ve just switched to this theme and am wodnering how to show the links for WordPress Pages ?
    I have the amazon-wishlist activated and called it within a wordpress Page.

    Any advice appreciated. thanks


    yes, pretty one, but 3 column theme does bad in 800X600 screen ! So most of us like 2 or 1 columns, I think, what about others?

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Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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