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  • I recently switched from Pivot to WordPress, and took along my favorite theme, Spring, by Andrea Pitschmann, along with me. The new WordPress theme is Springer, and I think it turned out pretty dang well.

    It’s a 3-column theme that displays, by default, two different categories- default and a linkdump. It uses several plugins (included in the theme) to display recent comments, style the calendar, and such.

    You can see the theme in action at my site,

    It has valid CSS and XHTML 1.0 transitional. The transitional is mostly due to the use of target="_blank", which I know isn’t well loved around here. But the design suits me and the other contributors to the blog, and the target="_blank" is added through a plugin, so it can be relatively easily deactivated.

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  • I like it. Easy to read, to identify the different areas. The text in your header isn’t quite center and the “s” on the end is cut off a bit.

    Your content is quite good too, I’ve already checked out some of your links. 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words, greenfreak1!

    I’ve noticed the final “s” in the title getting cut off in some browsers, but even among the same browser on different machines, I get different results– I could probably fix that by using em padding instead of px. Hmm.

    I tried it but all my content on the main page is gone…getting a a message that something I was looking for was not there… then when I look in the archives all my content is still there…. very weird!
    I like the theme, and the layout very much..hope I can work it out!

    CarolineG, I think you’re encountering a problem that I will fix in my next release of the theme.

    If you edit the main theme template (“Main” or index.php), the Post Loop starts with a <?php query_posts function which is telling it to display only a category called “default” You can easily change it to the name of a different category, or (as will become the standard for the theme) you can change category_name=default to cat=-2, which will display all categories EXCEPT category two.

    Similarly, in left.php, you should change the query_posts function to ask for cat=2.

    Did that make sense?

    accidently hit post twice.

    Edit: I updated the theme files (download here) if you want the above changes made for you automagically.

    Thanks for catching that error!

    I checked your site out but encountered problems. Whenever I tried to read an article in its entirety another small window popped up – I’m assuming it was the article – then disappeared again. No article to read. Tried numerous times. Is this a IE problem specific?


    I have never heard of that problem before… What version of IE were you using? My site is tested on IE 6.0, Firefox 1.0.7, and Konqueror every time I make a change, and I can’t reproduce this bug.

    The theme uses a javascript command to open a new, sized window for viewing the entire post.

    Thanks for looking, anyway!

    Yes, it’s true but it’s probably a popup buster doing it. All your posts open new windows or new tabs depending on your borowser configuration. Also the post titles are not permalinks, the only way to read the whole post is to click on “(continued)”. I suppose this must be a choice of yours but it’s not what we usually expect of WordPress.
    BTW, I’m using Maxthon/IE6.

    Dear Paradoxdruid,

    i fixed the problem in another way, but thank you for fixing the files, I’ll use those *S*
    It is looking ok now and I fiddled with the sidebars a bit to change to my liking. Not that anyone ever visits my blog exept for family… Maybe I should write in English hehe.
    Thank you very much for this cool theme!


    Bricolou wrote: I suppose this must be a choice of yours but it’s not what we usually expect of WordPress.

    Yeah– I’m aware that my theme defies some of the usual expectations of WordPress. I consider that a good thing: WordPress is a powerful engine, and bringing some diversity of design based on it will encourage others to find even more uses for it.

    That said, Rewriting the theme to not use pop-ups is something I’ve been considering. *shrugs* It wouldn’t be that hard: remove the_excerpt_reloaded plugin, the javascript at the header of index.php, and replace the_excerpt_reloaded with the_content in index.php and left.php.

    Well I tried the adjusted files and all works well now!Thanks for the changes
    What I am encountering now is that my linkdump section is wayyyyyyyyyy too long as it is not folding the posts, and they are not folding in the main posts either. There is no: continued link, so all is displayed instead of just a few lines with the option to read the whole article. What did I do wrong?
    I hope you can help me out as I love the theme and plugins.

    Kind regards,
    Javea, Spain

    I already answered Caroline’s question on my blog, but just in case the issue comes up again:

    You need to insert the “More” quicktag (that is, <!--more--> ) to make only the first part of your posts appear. Enjoy!

    Thanks for this paradoxdruid!
    I finally got it all running *S*
    Now if only people here could read it LOL
    Maybe I should write in english…

    Also if you ever have a request for a dutch version, just let me know, I can zip my redone version if you need it.


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