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    I use this plug in for a spreadsheet that my employees need access to, and that I update daily. I need my staff to be able to get the most current version whenever they open the password protected page it lives on. This plug in has worked incredibly well since I set this up.

    Last week though, it stopped updating. The current version of the spreadsheet has been edited and saved many many times since the version that the plugin currently displays on the page. My staff is currently looking at old data.

    I can not figure out what changed or what to work on to fix this issue. I searched this forum and didn’t find any related threat either.

    Thing I have tried…
    • I verified, re-copied/pasted the correct URL into the short code and get the same weeks old version to display. I have not made any other changes to the WP page itself at all, meaning nothing in the short code has changed either.
    • I changed the URL to a different tab and got the corresponding spreadsheet to display on the page.
    • I changed the URL back to the intended target and it again displayed the weeks old version.
    • I have saved, updated, etc. both the WP page and the Google SS.

    This plug in worked great, until this. What do I do next?

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    Two things.

    First, it’s much more difficult for anyone to help you when you don’t follow the instructions provided to you when you ask for help, which requested a link to the page on which your issue is happening.

    Second, as has been asked and answered many times before on this forum, make sure you have not introduced an external cache somewhere between your Web browser and your site or between Google and your Web site.

    Plugin Author Meitar


    I’m simply not sharing a password protected page with proprietary information on this public forum.

    Then you may want to use a different plugin. In order to function, this plugin requires your (apparently proprietary) data to be stored in a public spreadsheet. A public spreadsheet is not password protected, so even though the page on which *you* may access the data is “password protected,” the data source is not. That is not a safe place for you to be putting proprietary information, but then again nothing about you seems to project competence so this is not terribly surprising. I feel a swell of pity for your employees.

    the negative level of customer service is just tasteless icing on a shit cake.

    You seem to be under the impression that you are at a customer service forum and that you are speaking to a customer service representative. You are wrong. You have been using free software produced by an individual, not a company. This is a support forum, not a business venue. If you want to be serviced like a customer, you need to become a customer first. That is how business works. I would expect you to have some modicum of understanding about that, but then again, you clearly aren’t capable of much on your own without help, so maybe this is also beyond your comprehension.

    Good luck trying to solve the technical issue you are having. You may need to pay for someone’s assistance, as anyone with a millimeter of business sense would have done. 🙂

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    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    I’m a week late in locating this but I’m closing this topic with a note to @cmcjenkin about this topic.

    I have archived your reply and flagged your account temporarily. That just means that your post will need to be approved and @ notifications from you will not work. The reply is still there but only forum moderators can see it.

    You are not a customer here and even if you were (no one is here) you do not get to abuse people that way. I’ve also removed your 1 star review as it’s just an attempt to argue more with this author.

    This author is a volunteer. You are an user of their opensource community contribution. If the plugin doesn’t do what you want or think it should do then do not use the plugin. Move on.

    If you do choose to use this or any other code here then you need to keep it civil. The author’s replies do not warrant your attack.

    I’m now closing this topic. Enough has been said already.

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