• Hi ThemeBoy,

    I only recently discovered your incredible plugin and we are more than satisfied with it. We even switched to a complete new website (from Joomla to WordPress) because of SportsPress.

    Now you’ve released SportsPress Pro, what does this mean for the free version? Limited possibilities? Limited support?

    Kind regards.


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  • Plugin Author ThemeBoy


    @teh1aeq Glad to hear you’re enjoying SportsPress!

    We’ve just launched SportsPress Pro for those who want additional functionality but don’t worry, we aren’t limiting or cutting anything out of the free version, or limiting support in any way.

    SportsPress Pro includes several advanced “modules” which we were previously offering exclusively as “extensions”, like Sponsors, Team Colors, and Branding. The Pro version is basically a version of SportsPress packaged with all of the extensions as a one-click installation, instead of as separate plugins.

    We’re still actively developing SportsPress and will continue to add features to it. Support is provided for free to everyone, including free SportsPress users 🙂

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