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  • Hello WordPress
    I am looking to have my fellow WordPressers review my site : site
    My site and brand aims to blend the realms of sports news and sports entertainment new. I hope to hear from some of you.

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Volunteer support

    How come you’ve added a vertical scrollbar for the whole site? I have 2 vertical scrollbars on your site.

    I really like it! It’s big and bold. Your theme looks great.
    The only thing I really felt needed work was the load times. A little slow.

    (1) Open top menu opens nothing
    (2) Open main menu could be aligned better (instead of just a wall of links that feels like it breaks the theme
    (3) Post carousel may actually be hurting you more than it helps, seeing as there are studies pointing to the fact that people think of these as advertisements, and not part of the core site, avoiding them altogether.
    (4) Absolutely no content in the sidebar to justify its existence. I see you have a simply poll you could have thrown anywhere, and then two advertisements. Wasted screen space.
    (5) Back to your carousel, the images aren’t a standard size, so it’s constantly pushing the content down/up upon each new image. That’s a bit annoying.
    (6) You want to differentiate yourself as a girl who likes sports, but your logo falls into the stereotypical imagery usually associated with women and technology – the sexy silhouette instead of, say, a toned down logo. I don’t have a problem with it, per say, I just feel that maybe it’s just not very good.
    (7) Facebook and Twitter could have been in the same widget area, since they’re both social links.
    (8) Again, that carousel and the constantly jumping content. …
    (9) Related posts (single post view) are a tiny column that push the comments down and create an unappealing blank space.
    (10) The entire post is bold.
    (11) Do I really need to know what time you wrote the posts on? Do I really need to know that?
    (12) Written by admin? Oversight?
    (13) The font used for tags, post info, previous/next,open top menu/open main menu: ugly.
    (14) Your advertise page has a sharebox. Why would anyone need to share that page? And then you say “Fill out the contact us” form, with no link FROM the page you want them to fill out the form from. So they have to click on another link to do that. In my opinion, you’re far from even being ready to accept advertisements.
    (14a) Your site looks unprofessional, your sidebar exists solely for advertisements, none of the elements look like they play well together, and you haven’t even taken the time to do simple cosmetic changes to a purchased theme/WordPress installation (like change the author name, for one). And yet, you think you’re ready to take (serious) advertisement inquiries? And where would you place them? In your sidebar? Gosh, that sure would just make your readers happy – even more advertisements!
    (15) I appreciate your effort in branding, but the presentation/end product/logo could have used some refinement. Are these made by you? A third-party? Where are they shipping from? An about page would have helped. A simple FAQ could have done wonders.
    (16) Multiple (of the same posts) show up in different categories. You should be focusing on a single category per post, and using tags to specify the content further. And even with tags, you shouldn’t be overusing them, because then they kind of start to lose their importance when you’re just tagging a post with any word.

    That’s probably enough for this list.

    Your site is super slow to load, fix that first.

    It loads fine for me.

    I’m more curious as to how you got ads running already.

    @clouder > Google Ads – anybody can put them on anything (within Google’s TOS).

    Oh their serving cpm now… Man, I’ve been gone for a long time.

    Your foreground and background doesn’t seems to be matching up. You can
    work on it to give it a better look and feel. Overall its good.

    Your theme is simple and easy to navigate. Good color choices too.

    The only thing that I don’t like is the background. It tends to distract my eyes from the main content. But, that’s just me…it’s a cool picture.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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