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  • I have been looking all over for a plug-in for my blog that will display sports scores and schedules in the sidebar that get updated automatically from an online sports site.

    Specifically I am interested in hockey scores for my blog.

    If anyone knows of such a plug-in please let me know

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  • If you could find an RSS feed for the scores, then you could use one of the many RSS feed reader plugins…

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    The problem with those RSS feeds is that all the ones I can find are headlines only, I want just scores and schedules.

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    Ugh. I have a good response for this one, but the scripts I’m posting on this forum seem to get mangled even with backticks. So just go here to see my response and script to get yourself some live hockey score action. 🙂

    A sports score plugin would actually be pretty tricky, since sports scores generally are not free. There is a lot of licensing and other BS involved in all aspects of sports, and even the scores of the games are copyright, which means you need to have permission (i.e. pay money) to display sports scores on your website.

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    I modified my code a bit to not have a problem displaying some of the other score feeds I found on exactscores. If you’ve already used that bit of code, you may want to look again (specifically at the regular expression).

    forceagainst- You are not correct. You do not have to pay a licensing fee to display sports scores. You can post up sports scores all day long as they are a matter of fact. MLB right now is trying to go after fantasy sites who use stats, but they won’t win, because they are public record. Same with scores. The reason sites charge for feeds is compiling and presenting the scores is a valuable service and something that can be very time-consuming.



    It’s not integrated with WP yet, but here is a collection of free score feeds for teams from almost every sport:




    OMG that would be such an amazing plugin – to have either LIVE spots highlights & score updates – wow that would be fantastic… including EUROPEAN FOOTBALL 😉

    Do u think thats’ even possible? to have such a plug in?

    Joey Dee

    Thanks mickmel. Hopefully someone finds or creates one that integrates all sports into one feed.

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