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  • Theme: Kickass – Spooky Blue 1.0
    Note: This is a very difficult theme to work with if you are a “newbie?. You will need to know some PHP programming in order to be able to make this theme work. Make sure you read the readme.txt file. If you don’t understand the stuff in the file, do not proceed. Save yourself some time and choose something else. I worked on it for hours trying to resolve error issues. After reading the readme.txt file I knew there was no hope. The author does not offer any support. Maybe if you want to pay for it. If you do pay make sure to ask that all links to her sight be removed.

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  • People who don’t know how to make simple changes to a theme should:

    1. Read the readme.txt file and see if suggestions are made re how to go about making changes. In this case they are clearly stated for anyone who knows a bit of css and html.

    2. Follow those suggestions if their capabilities are up to it.

    3. Not use or alter the theme if their capabilities are not up to it, especialy if the thememaker says s(he) doesn’t offer support.

    3. Not expect free “guidance” when it’s clearly stated in that same readme.txt file that none is offered (though it’s called “support”)

    In closing, Jean, I sent you the fixed files, and all you had to do was remove the call for the witty plugin if you didn’t want to use it. The directions to do so are clearly stated in the readme.txt that was included in both the Kickass-Spookyblue theme and in the zip file I sent to you to fix those files you screwed up so badly because you didn’t read the readme.txt file (geez, I sent you fixed files. That’s SUPPORT. That could even be construed as GUIDANCE.)

    Any thememaker who receives a plea of help from Jean re should be aware that Jean does not follow instructions and expects you to clean up the mess she makes. Repeatedly.

    I think that explains my point quite well. If you’re a newbie, stay away from this theme.

    Oh, one more point, I have NEVER had to ask any theme maker for any help until this one. I have installed hundreds of themes in many languages and never had a problem.

    Hmm. Well, in that case, you’re not a newbie; hard to believe you find it necessary to denigrate a person who releases a theme free.

    I had no trouble with this theme, or any of kickass’s others. I’m not a newbie either (to css, xhtml, etc.) though I would certainly have been classed as a wordpress newbie last February.

    Hmm. What part of this direction in the readme.txt file didn’t you understand?
    The call in the theme for this plugin to work is located in the index.php file in #colwrapper #content. If you choose not to use the plugin, simply delete the following:
    <div class="pullquote"><strong><span class="tealtext">Did you know?</span></strong><br />
    <?php witty(); ?></div>


    I find it hard to believe that someone who has “installed hundreds of themes in many languages” would have a problem with that bit of instruction.

    I did exactly that and lost my sidebar menu. I removed

    <div class=”pullquote”><span class=”tealtext”>Did you know?</span>
    <?php witty(); ?></div>

    The blue background for the sidebar is there but no menu. It’s halfway down the page.

    See what it looks like now.

    I knew what to remove but could not figure out what to do with the problem that resulted.

    I am not denagrating you, but simply trying to tell newbies that it’s not for them.

    considering you have other errors on your page, Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_theme_switcher() in /var/www/html/wp-content/themes/Spooky/sidebar.php on line 42

    removing the call to witty text may not be what’s screwing up your site.

    Shep, she’s incapable of following simple instructions. OR uploading a corrected file. I already fixed THAT FILE for her once.

    I wish she’d just download someone else’s theme and victimize them instead of me.

    Hahahaha! Poor Kickass! <pats on shoulder> It will be ok. It will be seriously…LOL! That’s what I was going to say, just upload the corrected file again, with the theme switcher codes if need be… it ain’t that hard. I did it numerous of times when I screwed something up…


    Putting a free theme up is an admirable thing. Sorry you’re getting reamed for it.

    You said:

    I already fixed THAT FILE for her once.

    If the file is fixed then why not include it in the download at your site so others do not have a problem?

    Jeannie, no one else HAS had a problem. Kickass fixed it specifically for YOU, because YOU had a problem. That’s support, whether you see it that way or not. All themes are released with various capabilities included; it’s always up to the user to figure out how to disable those capabilities heesh doesn’t find useful or applicable.

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